Hi, I’m Jess! I live in Melbourne, Australia. I’m a new mum and I’m a recipe-follower by personality. I have always loved food and cooking, and anyone who knows me will know that I have a cookbook obsession. So much so, I’ve been banned from buying new ones so that my husband and I can put our money towards saving for bigger adventures (i.e., studying and travelling abroad for a year, and starting our little family).

I have been known to constantly write lists of techniques to master and recipes to try. However, I have always wished that I could whip up my own creations in an instant. Being at home with the little one is the perfect opportunity to start practising, and what better way to get going than to share my journey on this little space on the internet.

I was one of those kids who was always wanting to cook in the kitchen, often without the assistance of adults. My mum, understandably, was not so keen to give me free rein of the pantry at 8 years of age. But my love of cooking has definitely been nurtured by her ongoing guidance and encouragement.

One of my earliest food memories involved creating something special and new, with a handful of ingredients. At primary school, one of our group projects was to come up with a recipe for a chocolate cake. With a little (ok, a lot!) of help from the teacher, we brainstormed the ingredients we’d need and the method that we’d follow, and wrote the recipe ourselves. I remember going home to cook this chocolate cake and it tasted so good! I think the fact that we had invented it made it extra special!

I share recipes that are seasonal, simple and practical. I subscribe to a community veggie box, so I like to use ingredients that I am given to create my recipes. I like to experiment with flavour combinations, and no amount of butter or sugar is too much, if it makes my food taste even better!

Join me as I unfold the mysteries of cooking without a recipe (argh!).

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